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Born in Paris (1989), Kim Kheradmandi is a British Iranian artist working in visual art and design.

Raised in Ipswich, England, and currently based in Berlin, he uses diverse techniques, such as digital design, painting, collage, illustration and writing.

Whilst not necessarily approaching his work from an intentionally conceptual angle, Kim's art often blurs the line between surface aesthetics and introspective/external thought.


Kim's work is ultimately an outlet to document and filter his existence into a visual language, although, language itself and the use of words also play a significant role.

In a broad sense, anything can serve as a source of inspiration, whether it's visual, sensory, or audio. Some more specific examples are music, the man-made and natural elements of the city, the markings left by the many people who have passed through the space, and the influence of artificial light.

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